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Beauty is a Stat : How enjoyable an object is to be around and look at. Each map tile has an integer value that expresses its beauty. The value is the sum of the beauty values of all objects on that tile. In this case, objects include filth, clutter, flooring, furniture and other objects. A pawn constantly perceives the beauty of its environment in an 8-tile radius blocked by objects that break line of sight, such as walls and doors. The average of these beauty values is the effective beauty of the environment as perceived by the pawn at this moment.

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Apparel is worn by your colonists to protect them from extreme temperatures or from damage in combat. See a pawn's Gear tab to see what apparel they are wearing. There are two main types of apparel, clothing and armor. Both clothing and armor use the same basic principles.

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If you want to use this version you will need to start a new game. This is a Beta version of Change Dresser. The main difference is apparel is no longer directly associated with a pawn, instead pawns are assigned 'Outfits'. If a pawn has more than one non-combat outfit assigned, when they are not drafted, they can freely switch between the outfits. When they switch, the apparel that will be used will be pulled from selected ChangeDressers and put on the pawn.
I started this run on Cassandra Rough with 6 colonists and oodles of stuff. I've still had to re-load about 30 times, or accept a total wipe or at the least a I've had an apple orchard since about day 10 and have had exactly 1 full harvest - fire, blight, toxic winter, and an accidental selection of all growing zones wiped them out before they were matured.

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