Project ID: 85
Title "Empire to Antipodes": Australian-New Zealand in the Empire/ Commonwealth Press Union (1909-1970) - CRYLE, KAUL
DESCRIPTION  ARC Discovery Grant DP0449993 ($99 666 for 2004-06) Chief Investigator with Dr Chandrika Kaul of St Andrews University Scotland Empire to Antipodes: Australian-New Zealand in the Empire/ Commonwealth Press Union (1909-1970) This project investigates the role and changing significance of the Empire/Commonwealth Press Union (1909-1970) focussing on its regular international conferences and the communication issues raised by the Australian-New Zealand delegations which attended. Drawing on the work of Harold Innis on the history of communication across empires and using the E./C.P.U as a case study, the project seeks to analyse the ascendancy and decline of British imperial communications in terms of old/new media and British/antipodean communications. Key debates and concerns of the A/NZ press delegations, including press freedom, cable technology and the advent of broadcast media, will be examined within the shifting contexts of private/public monopoly and imperial/national loyalty with reference to parallel developments in India.
TYPE Press
INSTITUTION  Central Queensland University
KEYWORDS imperial press history, Empire Press Union, New Zealand, India, cable
Researcher Role Institution Department
Denis Cryle Chief Investigator Central Queensland University Arts, Humanities and Education
Chandrika Kaul Collaborator Other St Andrews University - School of History