Project ID: 82
Title Communicating sustainable water uses in regional and local media - KITTY VAN VUUREN
DESCRIPTION  A pilot study of the discourse of water use in rural and regional communities with a focus on community media. The project documents the emergence of small, independent local newsletters, usually produced by amateurs using their personal computers, printed on A4 paper, photocopied and available to local communities. Content ranges from coverage of community events--'Scouts and scones' to vocal opposition to government policies concerning natural resource management. The aim of this project is to undertake a pilot study of the discourses shaping the practices of water use in rural and regional community media. Many Australians are experiencing severe drought conditions, with media urging residents to adopt water efficient practices, as well as promoting technical solutions. This project is premissed on the assumption that mass media can not tailor content to suit the particularities of local and regional communities. Rural and regional communities are served by a range of locally owned and produced media, such as community radio, newsletters and internet sites, that offer outlets for local perspectives on public issues. This project is primarily exploratory and sets out to identify local independent community newsletters in south east Queensland and then to examine their content by focusing on the issue of water resource management.
TYPE Press
INSTITUTION  University of Queensland
RESOURCES local newsletters, regional newspapers
KEYWORDS community media, natural resource management
Researcher Role Institution Department
Kitty van Vuuren Chief Investigator University of Queensland School of Journalism and Communications