Project ID: 56
Title Early Australian TV Comedy - COLLINS, TURNBULL, BYE
DESCRIPTION  My work is being done as part of a larger ARC project on Screen Comedy formulated by Sue Turnbull and Felicity Collins. My particular interest is in the first ten years of television comedy and the way notions of what was funny informed the public narratives constructed around television. A reference point for this work will be Graham Kennedy, most specifically in terms of his capacity to foreground the changing identifications of Australian TV viewers.
TYPE Television
INSTITUTION  La Trobe University
KEYWORDS comedy, television history, Australian identity, popular memory
Researcher Role Institution Department
Felicity Collins Chief Investigator La Trobe University Cinema Studies/CACE
Sue Turnbull Chief Investigator University of Wollongong School of Social Sciences ...
Susan Bye Chief Investigator La Trobe University