Project ID: 152
Title Cleo magazine and popular feminism in Australia - MEGAN LE MASURIER
DESCRIPTION  This project began as PhD research into the connections between Cleo magazine and second wave feminism in Australia in the 1970s. Indeed, it argues that Cleo magazine was a form of popular feminism. The research is now expanding to encompass a broader time-frame, exploring popular feminism as a theoretical and historical phenomenon in Cleo magazine from its inception in 1972 until the present. The basic premise is quite simple: via popular media, such as a women's magazine like Cleo, feminism became a part of women's everyday lives, if not part of their 'identity'. The 'I'm not a feminist but' position so problematised by feminist theorists and so defiantly held by many 'ordinary' women (and their media) is not just a story of the '90s and now, but has a history that accompanied the second wave and beyond. The expansion of the intial project will involve ethnographic methods - interviews (as oral history and interviews with contemporary readers) - to paint a portrait of mediated or popular feminism.
TYPE Magazine
INSTITUTION  University of Sydney
KEYWORDS women's magazines, Cleo, feminism
Researcher Role Institution Department
Megan Le Masurier University of Sydney Media and Communications