Project ID: 150
Title What Came Before They Shot It - SALLY JACKSON
DESCRIPTION  Original research inspired by my work on the restoration of the 1906 film The Story of the Kelly Gang. Examines film exhibition and distribution in Melbourne between 1896 and 1906 in an attempt to discern what led to the making of the 1906 fim The Story of the Kelly Gang. Includes biographical research into all known participants, in particular Millard Johnson of Johnson and Gibson; the 1906 tour of the Urban film series Living London by J&N Tait; other influential films of the period; theatrical influences on the film and the Kelly plays.
INSTITUTION  Independent scholar
RESOURCES Personal research project reliant on spare time and self funding
KEYWORDS film distribution, film restoration, Melbourne, The Story of the Kelly Gang
Researcher Role Institution Department
Sally Jackson Chief Investigator Independent scholar