Project ID: 136
Title Australian Film Theory and Criticism - VEREVIS, WILLIAMS, KING
DESCRIPTION  The discipline of film studies has, since the late 1960s-early 1970s, been a burgeoning academic and intellectual field of inquiry. This research project seeks to provide a map of the local and international flows of Australian film theory and criticism. By tracing key critical positions, personnel and institutions this project will provide an understanding of the particularity of Australian film theory and criticism. The project will not only interrogate the origins and evolution of Australian film theory (in film criticism and film history) but also examine its relationship to adjacent disciplines and institutions, and determine its implications for establishing new directions of inquiry for film studies in Australia.
INSTITUTION  Monash University
KEYWORDS film study, film criticism, film theory
Researcher Role Institution Department
Con Verevis Collaborator Monash University
Deane Williams Chief Investigator Monash University Film and Television Studies
Noel King Collaborator Monash University