Project ID: 133
Title Broadcasters Oral History Project - GERARD DUIGNAN
DESCRIPTION  Project includes representatives of key broadcasting craft areas, such as management, technical, on-air performance, creative writing, production, programming or sales. It covers participants' career history, industry changes, major events, political influences, conflicts, breakthroughs and anecdotes about participants and fellow broadcasters My research involves the history of broadcasting in New Zealand, starting with research into the evolution of the Programme Director role in commercial radio 1970-1996. In 2004 during a six month sabbatical I recorded topic-based oral histories of three dozen broadcasting pioneers and recent leaders who have had a significant role in the media industry in this country, primarily in radio. These now reside in Radio New Zealand Sound Archives.The research into early radio has provided opportunities for publishing recorded programmes on National Radio
TYPE Radio
INSTITUTION  Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology
KEYWORDS oral history, new zealand, broadcaster
Researcher Role Institution Department
Gerard Duignan Chief Investigator Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology New Zealand Broadcasting School