Project ID: 128
Title The Dynasties - ROBERT PULLAN
DESCRIPTION  This is an account of capital city daily to weekly newspapers from 1803 to computerisation, including portraits of many of the preachers, poets, drunks and gunmen who worked as editors, reporters and proprietors. My themes are the journalists' struggles to tell their stories, struggles with the law, proprietors, politicians and their own failings, the dynasties and their influence, the gaps in the stories, labour struggles for a chain of dailies, the influences and effects of newspaper concentration and why computerisation, the greatest single advance in newspaper efficiency, occurred just before the fastest rate of closure.
TYPE Press
INSTITUTION  University of Technology, Sydney
RESOURCES Interviews with journalists, editors and proprietors. Newspaper and state archives. Biography and autobiography. Diaries. Historical records of Australia. Newspaper web-sites.
KEYWORDS newspapers, media dynasties, journalism, labour
Researcher Role Institution Department
Robert Pullan Researcher, author, editor University of Technology, Sydney Communications