Project ID: 125
Title A Business and Cultural Biography of TV Executive Reg Grundy - ALBERT MORAN
DESCRIPTION  This biography covers the cultural and business impact of Reg Grundy on Australian radio and television over fifty years. Reg Grundy has been an important figure in Australian broadcasting for almost 50 years. In that time, he has had several media careers including being a radio time salesman,radio sporting personality, game show compere and TV production executive. The business that he founded had several rocky moments in the 1960s but from the early 1970s grew to become Australia's largest production company of television game shows and soap operas. By the early 1980s, the company was ready to go international and became a global giant in pioneering and helping to develop the international business of TV format programming. Reg Grundy sold his business in the mid 1990s and now devotes himself to his business interests but has found time for wildlife photography and his memoirs. The golden anniversary of the medium finds Grundy as the grand old man of Australian television. As this outline suggests, his business career is a remarkable success story in itself.
TYPE Television
INSTITUTION  Griffith University
RESOURCES Interviews with broadcasting personnel. Newspaper items. Secondary printed sources. TV programs.
KEYWORDS Australia; History; Radio; Sport; Game Shows; Soap Opera; International; Formats
Researcher Role Institution Department
Albert Moran Chief Investigator Griffith University Arts, Media and Culture