Project ID: 121
Title The Melbourne Herald newspaper - DAVID DUNSTAN
DESCRIPTION  The project centres around the institutional, commercial and creative culture of the Herald newspaper in the twentieth century. It examines the role of the newspaper and its leading lights within the Herald & Weekly Times organisation as it developed under the influence of (Sir) Keith Murdoch but is not specifically a study of him as such and traces the changing fortunes and influence of the paper after Sir Keith's death in 1952 and prior to the HWT takeover by News Limited in 1987. The author is undertakling biographical and oral history studies of a number of key figures, notably Sir John Williams.
TYPE Press
INSTITUTION  Monash University
RESOURCES Normal academic research resources at this stage
KEYWORDS Herald, Sir John Williams, Melbourne, newspapers, Herald & Weekly Times Ltd, Sir Keith Murdoch
Researcher Role Institution Department
David Dunstan Chief Investigator Monash University National Centre for Australian Studies