Project ID: 113
Title Greek and Italian cinemas and audiences in Australia, 1949-1980 - DEB VERHOEVEN
DESCRIPTION  An archival and oral history research project investigating Melbourne's Greek and Italian cinema audiences and the businesses they sustained. In the post-war period significant numbers of migrants from small rural populations in Greece and Italy made their way to urban centres in Australia, Canada, South Africa and the US. Coincident with this movement was the rise of popular film production industries in both Greece and Italy. The successful cinema circuits established to service the local diaspora by Melbourne-based entrepreneurs in the 1950s and 1960s were used as a cultural and business model for other locations around the world. This project investigates the key influences on the success of the Melbourne Italian and Grcek cinema circuits during a period in Australian film history ordinarily noted for declining cinema attendances.
INSTITUTION  Deakin University
EMAIL  deb.verhoeven [at]
RESOURCES database of exhibition and distribution detail, transcripts of interviews
KEYWORDS diaspora, cinema, audience, film history, greek, italian, melbourne
Researcher Role Institution Department
Deb Verhoeven Chief Investigator Deakin University School of Communication and Creative Arts