Project ID: 112
Title Urban Rivalry: Understanding the dynamics of comparison in the development of city identities - VERHOEVEN, MORRIS
DESCRIPTION  The primary aim of this project is to produce an analytical model for understanding the historical importance of urban rivalry to city identities and cultures in Australia and internationally. It will do this by connecting research into the political, economic and social dimensions of city identity formation, with research into the more prosaic communication of inter-city rivalry via different forms of media rhetoric. The research will be focused on two case studies: a) Melbourne/Sydney; b) Tokyo/Kansai metropolitan area. The research tests the proposition that the cultural identity of individual cities is not, as is often assumed, innate, but emerges from a process of constant comparison. The focus of our research is a critical interest in the popular dynamics of urban identity formation and its wider communication, particularly in terms of cities that arein close competition for national, regional or global resources.
TYPE Cross-media
INSTITUTION  Deakin University
EMAIL  deb.verhoeven [at]
RESOURCES Deakin University
KEYWORDS communication, Sydney, Melbourne, Japan
Researcher Role Institution Department
Deb Verhoeven Chief Investigator Deakin University School of Communication and Creative Arts
Brian Morris Chief Investigator Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Applied Communication