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Political reporting in Australia SALLY YOUNG Cross-media University of Melbourne View
Press power in Australia, 1927-2012 SALLY YOUNG Press University of Melbourne View
Black-and-white artists of Smith's Weekly - ANTHONY KING Press Other View
The Women’s Advocacy Press in New Zealand and Australia, 1888–1905 - JAMES KEATING Magazine University of New South Wales View
A history of Australia's capital-city dailies during the colonial era - ROD KIRKPATRICK Press Other View
Shining a Light: 50 Years of the Australian Film Institute - FRENCH, POOLE Film Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology View
Womenvision: Women and the Moving Image in Australia LISA FRENCH Film Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology View
Women in the Victorian film, television and related industries: Research report - LISA FRENCH Film Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology View
Printer's Progress - MARGARET REES-JONES Publishing Other View
Media and Party Leadership Challenges - RODNEY TIFFEN Cross-media University of Sydney View
4ZZZ History project - HEATHER ANDERSON Radio University of South Australia View
"The Persistence of Television" - BONNER, JACOBS Television University of Queensland View
Switched-on Audiences: Australian Listeners and Viewers - BRIDGET GRIFFEN-FOLEY Cross-media Macquarie University View
South Australian Newspaper Historical resources - ANTHONY LAUBE New-media State Library of South Australia View
Modern Voices: Women's Speech on Australian Radio, 1923-1966 - CATHERINE HORNE Radio Other View
Women Journalists in the World: From Australia, to Australia (working) - PATRICIA CLARKE Publishing Other View
Print cultures of the Coral Sea Magazine University of Sydney View
The last hurrah of the Catholic Press - ROBERT CAREY Press Swinburne University of Technology View
Women and Work at the postwar ABC - KYLIE ANDREWS Cross-media University of Technology, Sydney View
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