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Australian voice portraits - ROBERT DAVIDSON Cross-media Queensland University of Technology View
Cinema Audiences in Australia Research Project - VERHOEVEN, BOWLES, MALTBY, WALSH Film Flinders University View
Minds in the media: New Idealist thought in Australian press and radio from 1880 to 1950 - MARGARET VAN HEEKEREN Cross-media Macquarie University View
Child Audiences in the Digital Age - WENDY KEYS Television Griffith University View
Prospects and Dilemmas for Public Service Broadcasting: A Comparative Study of Japanese and Australian PSB - ZORANA KOSTIC Television ABC TV View
A Companion to the Australian Media - BRIDGET GRIFFEN-FOLEY Cross-media Macquarie University View
Printers' Progress - MARGARET REES-JONES Press Other View
A history of free-to-air commercial television in Sydney - MADELEINE HASTIE Television Macquarie University View
Red Pagan: AG Stephens - A Literary Life - CRAIG MUNRO Publishing University of Queensland View
Women's programming in public service broadcasting in Australia, Canada and the UK, 1930-1970 - JUSTINE LLOYD Radio Macquarie University View
Travelling Home: A Study of Walkabout, Australia's Geographic Magazine (1934-74) - ROLLS, JOHNSTON Magazine University of Tasmania View
The media's role in Australian political history - NICK RICHARDSON Cross-media Independent scholar View
Globalizing the Magic System: A History of Advertising Industry Practices in Australia 1959-1989 - SINCLAIR, CRAWFORD, BRENNAN Advertising University of Melbourne View
Play It Again: Creating a Playable History of Australasian Digital Games, for Industry, Community and Research Purposes - SWALWELL New-media Flinders University View
Australasian Heritage Software Database - SWALWELL, DE VRIES New-media Flinders University View
International news in the Australian press 1901-1950 - PETER PUTNIS Press University of Canberra View
The local press on Sydney's rural-urban fringe - IAN WILLIS Press University of Wollongong View
Sir Keith Murdoch: a biographical reappraisal - TOM D.C. ROBERTS Cross-media Macquarie University View
Reality talent shows: dance, work and celebrity - FRANCES BONNER Television University of Queensland View
Imperial Designs: Remaking the Institutions for Global Communications - JOCK GIVEN Cross-media Swinburne University of Technology View
'Networks of Influence': exploring Sir Charles Todd's British World - DENIS CRYLE Cross-media University of Queensland View
Remaking Australian Politics: Electioneering from the 19th Century to the 21st - MURRAY GOOT Cross-media Macquarie University View
Mapping the movies: the changing nature of Australia’s cinema circuits and their audiences 1956-1984 - MALTBY, WALSH, BOWLES, Film Flinders University View
Anthony Trollope's Australian Odyssey - NIGEL STARCK Press University of South Australia View
Dione Lucas - JILLIAN ADAMS Television Central Queensland University View
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