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Changes in Australian Newspapers' Political reporting in the age of television - RODNEY TIFFEN Press University of Sydney View
Media network history and the globalisation of news - PETER PUTNIS Press University of Canberra View
The new television technologies of the 1970s - JULIAN THOMAS Television Swinburne University of Technology View
The Melbourne Herald newspaper - DAVID DUNSTAN Press Monash University View
The ABC in Australian civil society - PHILIP BELL Television University of New South Wales View
New Media - ALAN KNIGHT New-media University of Technology, Sydney View
A Business and Cultural Biography of TV Executive Reg Grundy - ALBERT MORAN Television Griffith University View
Interactive Television: Impact on the Australian TV Industry - MARIA JAKOVLJEVIC Television University of Melbourne View
The Dynasties - ROBERT PULLAN Press University of Technology, Sydney View
Broadcasters Oral History Project - GERARD DUIGNAN Radio Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology View
Crawford Creations: What would we have done without Crawfords? - PHILIP DAVEY Television Murdoch University View
Creating Public Opinion: Polls, the Press and Australian Politics since the 1940s - MURRAY GOOT Press Macquarie University View
Australian Film Theory and Criticism - VEREVIS, WILLIAMS, KING Film Monash University View
David Syme and His Newspapers - ELIZABETH MORRISON Press Independent scholar View
G'Day Vung Tau! Australian Military Radio in Vietnam - MARTIN HADLOW Radio University of Queensland View
Australian High Society: the exposes of John Dalley (1876-1935)- HELENA KEERS Press University of Sydney View
Rupert Murdoch: an investigation of political power - MCKNIGHT, MCNAIR Cross-media University of New South Wales View
The Specialty Press - DENNIS BRYANS Cross-media Independent scholar View
Emil Voigt and the foundation of 2KY - ROBIN VOIGT Radio Independent scholar View
A study of the ABC in Asia and its impact on cultural exchange (1956-2006) - JOHN TEBBUTT Cross-media La Trobe University View
Making News: The Berlin Foreign Press Corps Community and Nazism. - MARIANNE HICKS Press Monash University View
SA Memory - SA Newspapers - ANOTHONY LAUBE Press State Library of South Australia View
What Came Before They Shot It - SALLY JACKSON Film Independent scholar View
Cleo magazine and popular feminism in Australia - MEGAN LE MASURIER Magazine University of Sydney View
Australian jazz and discourses of Nation - BRUCE JOHNSON Music Macquarie University View
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