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History of commercial television: Sydney - AILSA MCPHERSON Television Independent scholar View
Early Australian TV Comedy - COLLINS, TURNBULL, BYE Television La Trobe University View
A history of the idea of mountains in Australia - MICHAEL MEADOWS Press Griffith University View
19th century Australian Masonic Periodicals - NEIL MORSE Magazine Independent scholar View
Various projects in newspaper obituary publication - NIGEL STARCK Press University of South Australia View
Ryerson Index - GRAHAM, KETTLE, WRIGHT Press Ryerson Index View
Globalisation and the media in Australia - JOHN SINCLAIR Advertising University of Melbourne View
Australian Screen Comedy - COLLINS, TURNBULL, BYE Television La Trobe University View
A History of Australian Television Writing - SUSAN LEVER Television University of Sydney View
Finance on Television - GREENFIELD, WILLIAMS Television Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology View
Longitudinal study of print finance journalism (1971-2001) - GREENFIELD, WILLIAMS Press Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology View
Communicating sustainable water uses in regional and local media - KITTY VAN VUUREN Press University of Queensland View
Ernest Fisk - JOCK GIVEN Radio Swinburne University of Technology View
"Empire to Antipodes": Australian-New Zealand in the Empire/ Commonwealth Press Union (1909-1970) - CRYLE, KAUL Press Central Queensland University View
Birch, Carroll and Coyle's Queensland Wintergardens: a study of regional cinema 1910-1970 - DENIS CRYLE Film Central Queensland University View
Talkback radio in Australia: policy, programming, publics - LIZ GOULD Radio Macquarie University View
PhD Community Radio in Western Australia - SIMON ORDER Radio Murdoch University View
Crawfords Oral History Project - BERRYMAN, BLADIER, LEE, TULLY Television National Film and Sound Archive View
Broadcasting Empire: the BBC and the British World, 1922-1970 - SIMON POTTER Cross-media University of Bristol View
Pacific Radio Archive - DAVID RICQUISH Radio Radio Heritage Foundation View
House of Hits - The History of the Alberts Music Publishing Business - JANE ALBERT Music Independent scholar View
Television in the post-broadcast era: The role of old and new media in the formation of national communities - GRAEME TURNER Television University of Queensland View
Australian Television and Popular Memory: New Approaches to the Cultural History of Media in the Project of Nation-building - TURN Television Queensland University of Technology View
Urban Rivalry: Understanding the dynamics of comparison in the development of city identities - VERHOEVEN, MORRIS Cross-media Deakin University View
Greek and Italian cinemas and audiences in Australia, 1949-1980 - DEB VERHOEVEN Film Deakin University View
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